4 Jan 2012

Who's hot and who's not in 2012!!

Who's hot!

Michael Mcintrye; 2012 TOUR! Deffo a must see. Tickets are at a great price of £35 so get tickets while you can. It has to be said he had a great 2011. He had his comedy Roadshow, his Live and laughing tour and his brilliantly written autobiography. If you have not read this all ready its another must have for 2012. I have just finished reading it myself and i couldnt stop laughing. It shows his determination and perserviance he went through to become the magnificant comedian that he is now!

Adele; is another celeb who had a fantastic year in 2011. Bringing out her biggest selling album 21 and her number hit for over three weeks "someone like you" it has to be said i can not get enough of that song!! Thumbs up to everyone who downloaded her songs and braught her album. She is one superstar i will deffo have my eye on in 2012 i dunno about you guys! Cant wait to see what new heights she will hit maybe USA who knows! Keep up the good work Adele we love you!

Desperate Scousewives! A programme i wanted to hate but am seriously addicted to! I cant get enough of Jaiden Michael a fellow blogger a much more established one to! He is hilarious, he says it how it is something no one else has the guts to but wish they did. Jaiden fan for life! Danny is another one, bless his cotten socks getting rejected by Debbie, Danny you can do better love!! Your out of her leauge look at all your twitter fans we love you! I wonder what the cast have in store for us this year, more btiching and cheating and hilarious antics im sure!

Who's Not!

cheryl cole: Eurgh who does she think she is?! She struts around like God's gift, Well news flash mongreal your not! Not only has she been rejected by The british version of Xfactor she was also axed from the USA one to! Gutted... guess what we dont miss you! Then she got back with her toe rag ex Ashley Cole... haha how great that turned out not! He was straight into another womens bed.. maybe its that irritating voice of yours ey love. Dont even get me started on her music. Sorry but who told you that you could sing?! a fish wife? Get a grip and give up while your ahead. Maybe the curcus will have you! ;)

JlS; We all know the only reason they are famous is because all the young lasses fancy them it has nothing to do with their singing because guess what they are full on auto tuned... SHOCK HORROR :O However saying that i do appaluded them on how far they have come since the Xfactor so nice one lads. Maybe you'll impress me this year who knows.

little shits; is what they should be called! Ok so they won the Xfactor and yes they got better trough out the show but come on really! They are awful winny teenagers who again will only sell via people who think they are fit. Im glad marcus came second as they winners always fade out within the first year... Shane ward... who?